2 hours agoLawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
Looking for lawnmowers and parts if anybody has please let me know!
18-Aug-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
I am a Sunday school teacher looking for scrapbook items, we are making a book going through the Bible. Grade 2-5 Any items appreciated.
17-Aug-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
moving into first house, in need of a king size mattress and box spring, i am able to pick up on 8/24. Thank you!
13-Aug-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
In need of dinning room table and chairs would greatly appreciate.
9-Aug-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
In search of furniture paint. Neutral colors (grays, beige, whites, pastels). Also looking for black.
1-Aug-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for moving boxes in good condition.
29-Jul-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
In need of a king size bed frame
19-Jul-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
Need gas chainsaw to cut firewood for the community.
18-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a laser printer for home use. I am tired of my ink cartridges drying up on my inkjet printer. Does not matter if it's color or b&w, I will appreciate anything. I can pick up. I am no expert but if it needs repairs I am willing to look on youtube or google to fix it up. Thank you.
Description: maverick valve covers for a 302
Description: an electric dixie horn
Description: spoiler ir wing for the front of the car
16-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
Description: I'm building a 383 Stroker and am looking for alum heads. lemme know if ya got any. even reworked iron heads would do.
16-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
I am searching for an electronic bed on behalf of a young woman who is escaping an abusive environment with next to nothing. She is recovering from internal and spinal injuries. She really needs a bed like this, as she cannot get up or lay down on her own - as such is not really getting sleep nor healing, This bed would give her a great deal of independence,take strain off of the relationships ...
9-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
I'm a first-year teacher and I am in need of school supplies that can help my students throughout the year. Crayons, markers, pencil, spiral notebooks, scissors, etc., can be helpful for my classroom. I am also looking for a table and possibly a sofa/couch.
9-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
In need of yoga balls for my 4th grade classroom.
8-Jul-2018Lawrenceville, GA +22 milesItems Wanted
looking for a white ceiling fan; prefer 21" blades
16-Jun-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
For use as decoration and DIY. Any color, shape size, etc
11-Jun-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I'm in need of an lawn edger preferably gas. I cant afford a new one or used that sells for over $100+.
9-Jun-2018Covington, GA +16 milesItems Wanted
I will come to you. Instead of tossing them, please allow me to pick up! :)
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